My Irresistible Brussels escort

Having at least one encounter with an escort had always been on my mind but it wasn’t until my last visit to Brussels that I mustered the courage to put my thoughts into action. I had figured out that the best place to go hunting for female escorts in Brussels was Rue d’Aerschot that is just a stone’s throw away from North Station. This street is any man’s dream come true with innumerable windows from where you can choose your escort.

These girls are hot as hell and very good at making passes at men. I walked into one of the many FKK clubs here after paying 65 euros as entry. I was surprise to see so many escorts walking in the nude waiting the visitors to pick them up. They charge a standard rate of 50 Euros per half an hour and do not push you for extra money in the form of tips. I was in my fantasy word with so many beautiful women who I could touch and kiss before I decided to try as many girls as I could and begun with the prettiest looking of all who also incidentally turned out to be the youngest.

She took me to large bedroom where she wasted no time in blowing my brains off. After a little break and a few drinks, I turned to another girl called July who was dusky and tall. She was the sex goddess every man would want to take to bed. I love women who take charge and July did just that. I was so happy with her services that I chose to extend my time with this girl than trying another one. I thoroughly enjoyed the blowjob she gave me and the doggie style sex was outstanding too. In one night, I had fucked two fabulous women and wasn’t in any position to go any further. I was so famished that I had to leave but not before deciding to come back.

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