Payment and accepting the fee regarding escorts and clients

The escort industry in general is all about the service and the fee, the problem is some girls do not like to take money up front. This can lead to complications regarding payment, most clients are genuine but there are some who are not. They say it takes all kinds to make a World, this is true so safeguarding ones own profession is of great importance.

Looking around the forums it’s all too evident, various cases with girls being subjected to this kind of treatment. Firstly if the lady feels uncomfortable about receiving money in advance, she will probably consider the fee afterwards. Also the girl may just be hoping the payment is offered voluntarily, if not she may wait until afterwards again. Secondly the customer may have become a regular visitor, trusting the person could have been the case. The problem here is the client may have had other ideas, by slipping away and not paying for the service provided.

I’m afraid this does happen to girls in the industry, most people are okay but it’s all about the ones who are not. Asking for the cash in advance is good policy because the girl has to try to protect her own interests, this makes sense, “ perfect girlfriend finder “ will always help, escort and client respectively.

Moving onto the service charge, 10 minutes before is a good time to ask; maybe the customer is still shy in paying you the money. So you can make a comment like it’s time for action, do you want to get the paperwork out of the way. It could be that the client is a little nervous and genuinely forgotten about the fee, or they are more concerned with the sexual side of things. Taking precautionary measures is good advice in dealing with clients; after all you will not know the character of the person. Its possible someone will turn up a bit short of cash, or suggest to you that they didn’t realise the price was more. Excuses and reasons could be given as to why money is inadequate, this you will have to deal with. If payment is not accepted in advance you will run the risk of being ripped-off. The soundest policy is to be adamant about money upfront; putting this into practice will safeguard your finances somewhat.

Something else to consider is to check the amount of cash when it is handed over to you, once this has been done and everything is in order, problem solved. Always count the money in front of the client, doing this will ensure that both parties are satisfied. Complications could arise if this is not done together, counting the money must be done in view of the customer. Some girls have not done this in the past which has led to problems and disagreements, keeping you and your client happy are paramount.

After the money has been received find somewhere safe to put it, this should be done out of the clients eyesight. If you feel this has not been done successfully relocate a hiding place, otherwise you are running the risk of being relieved of your cash. Always be careful because prevention is much better than cure, if in doubt act accordingly. Also a good tip is to study the notes to make sure that they are genuine; there are pens on the market to check for fake currency.

Lastly, cheques should be out of the question, doing not accept one for obvious reasons. Only deal in cash because if you don’t then I’m afraid you would be asking for trouble in the long run.

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