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A month ago, I had gone to Prague for a Business tour. This was a hectic tour and I was very tired at the end of business meeting. It was around 4 pm. When I decided to go out and see this beautiful city of Czech Republic.

I was wandering on my Harley Davidson bike around the streets of Prague. I was already familiar with the world known escort services in Prague, so was searching my taste. Around the red lights areas, we can easily find escort girls that offer various services. In curiosity I stopped at one of such red light, I saw girls glaring at me. One of them came to me. She was very beautiful and had a pretty decent figure, she asked me what I want; I was a bit hesitating in the beginning but recollected myself and asked for the rates. Her name was Daniela, she said she charged different rates for different services she offer, she said she can give blow Job in 30 Euros and ready to come at my place for 45 Euros for 1 hour. I was amazed at such low prices, but then she was a street escort girl. I enjoyed a great blow job from her and was fully satisfied with her work and professional attitude. Brothel rates in Prague range from 55 Euros per hour. The extra charge is due to the middle commission and rent. I noticed that there is a fair amount of competition between different escorts in Prague and customer gets the best deal himself. There are premium escort girls too that have even higher rates of around 100-120 Euros. Probably, these escort girls are reserved for VIPs. It was around 7.30 pm. When I saw a massage center, I decided to go there. When I entered inside I was greeted by the receptionist who was damn hot. I asked for the services they offer and came to know they give standard massage to premium massages. The service is charged per hour. Here too, I decided to take standard massage which cost me another 60 Euros. I must say the escort girl was gorgeous and she did a great massage, along with massage she also gave me a hand Job. I was very impressed by that girl. I had dinner around 9.30 pm and went to a night club after taking a rest. That night club was a heaven; it was as if all the beauty of world has came there. You can find any type of girl in night clubs of Prague, Czech, Russian, Asian or African. I booked a girl named Ravenna for the night in nominal charges. She was a dream girl who was expert in all the ways to please a man. We drank alcohol together and then went to bed. She charged me 120 Euros for the night. I cannot forget that tour of Prague and the escort services of Prague. If you have money in wallet you can enjoy the best of girls in Prague. I will strongly recommend this European heaven for escort lovers. How to become an escort in Prague / Czech Republic The European Sex Union has been around for two and a half years now, becoming established in April 07. My website has been gradually building, I firmly believe now everything is going in the right direction. I have been receiving Emails from people regarding either side of the industry; interest is being shown from men wanting to meet an escort and also girls wanting to become one. The response I have been experiencing led me to believe it is now time for me to help, so this website will be designed in helping any potentially minded escort ladies on their way. This would include a profile going out on you on the worldwide web; an escort can obtain a full quota of work once she has become established. So now I am thinking about what this website could do for you? Basically you will be provided with a webpage, this will contain pictures for potential buyers to view. Your own profile will be drawn up; this will gather traffic from Google, Yahoo and many other search engines to your website. Also it is possible to place an add which will link to your particular page, these adds will be included on the European Sex Union website. In addition a section will be included based on the escort industry covering your Town or City, or the nearest area to where you reside. This approach will generate traffic towards your area, so people thinking about using an escort service are locally informed. This will maximise the work aspect into your particular area 100%, knowledge provided and information supplied will take care of this. So if you are seriously thinking about becoming an escort our website is here to help you in any way possible, good business makes sense. If you are wishing or intending to join this profession and would like to find out more.

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