Precautions to take in becoming an escort girl

The escort business is a profession that has its ups and downs, good experiences and not so good are associated with this industry. If you are thinking of starting out in this business it’s a good idea to gather as much information as you can. Providing the homework is done as much as possible, the rest will be down to experience, in doing so things should fall into place.
In the summer of 2006 a few robberies were recorded, people travelling on their own were potentially at risk. Being in this industry there will be times when journeys will be made, in this instant the safety factor comes into the equation. Measures can be taken to minimise any problems regarding visiting clients, a friend or a reliable Taxi-driver would help. The chances are you may have your own car, eliminating the possibilities of an unfriendly encounter with somebody. If you can travel with a friend who is in the same profession do so, halving the cost and safer this way. The destination may be a hotel, in this case try to get rooms close to one another. Bearing in mind you are in a serviced area have some music on or something, making it look like you are not on your own.

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Maybe you will have to travel by yourself, if this is so try to make the booking in a hotel with good security. This could be checked out in advance, CCTV is a good indication for security reasons, and safe guarding one is paramount. Obviously you don’t want to bring any unwanted attention upon yourself, but at the same time a feeling of safety is needed. If you do happen to be on your own you can make it sound like you are not, for example a customer may ask for your friend. In reply you could say she has had to go to the shop, but my friend will be back shortly.
A busy time can be encountered when one is touring, it’s best to try and leave gaps in your schedule if possible. Giving yourself some time between appointments is good policy, going to the bank to deposit money may be necessary. You will want to know if your particular bank is in the vicinity, because you won’t want to keep too much back at the hotel. If a client calls to confirm a booking and you need to pop out, just tell that person you are running a few minutes late. Depositing your cash will not take long, so you can then arranged your meeting soon after.
Somebody may call you first thing in the morning, if this happens be very careful because the person may not be genuine. He may ask if you have been busy and wanting to book towards the latter part of the day, in this case tell him things are quiet and he would only be the first or second of the day. The chances are he would cancel and nothing more takes place, spelling out to you his suspicious nature.
If you are planning to go into the escort industry, observation and gaining experience will put you on the right track. The important thing is to stay safe, if one can do this it’s a profession with rewards together with financial stability.

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