Zurich and Switzerland escorts an in depth account

Zurich along with the country in general is a very nice place to visit, in fact this is the largest city in Switzerland and regarded as having the best quality of life. A survey also named this city as the wealthiest in the World, but it is also among the top six expense-wise. The metropolitan area is a little under 1.7 million in population, and is the main cultural and commercial centre within the country. On the whole this is a beautiful part of the World and very impressive to say the least, the economy here is pretty sound and has been for a long time now. The Zurich escorts are among the finest you could wish to meet; if a visit is on the agenda and you are looking for company then these girls could be the answer.

The legal status in Zurich and Switzerland

This country allows prostitution and these activities are regulated, in many other countries prostitution is outlawed. Brothels are in attendance and a popular place to frequent in Zurich and Switzerland in general, being legalised this makes all the difference. Here you will find licensed brothels and a reception area usually present; several studio apartments will be housed as well. Moving onto street prostitution, this part of the industry is forbidden in this country, having said this there are areas in major cities where this is allowed. Newspaper advertisements are popular regarding the prostitutes here, additional rented apartments in conjunction with using mobile phones is common practice.

Massage services are also advertised in the newspapers, this is completely legal so these ads are there to see for prospective customers. Some of the girls accept credit cards and VAT has to be paid regarding their services relating to the clients. Many of the ladies in this particular industry are foreign, Eastern Europe the Far East and Latin America make up the majority.

The escort ladies in Zurich are very professional; they supply a first-class service and earn a very good living. Prostitution has risen in more recent years in Switzerland, but this has been happening in many other countries also. Between 1,500 and 3,000 victims relating to human trafficking is an estimation by the police; violence is a common occurrence in the prostitution business not only here but in most other countries.

Types of prostitution in Zurich and Switzerland


At the top end of the scale are the escort services, this is where you can expect to find the ultimate regarding adult – entertainment. These girls are trained in what they do and have the experience to meet a clients particular needs, versatility and know how are what these girls are all about. There is agency or independent ladies to choose from, and they can be found by going online. The price is not cheap to secure one of these girls but the rewards are much greater, customers often return for further bookings.

Prostitution population in Zurich and Switzerland

The estimation for prostitutes in Switzerland is around 14,000 these figures however are changeable, immigrant workers who have flooded this country recently make it hard to say exactly how many. Zurich for instance has seen an increase like most other cities, there are now around 3,500 girls working this particular city. Geneva like all the other main areas has seen an increase; because of the legality here in Switzerland girls are attracted to practice their chosen profession.

Prices relating to the industry

The red light areas or the places where street prostitution is permitted will be the cheaper end of this industry; you can secure a girl for between 100 and 200 Swiss francs if you do your homework.

Brothels will be a at the middle end of the scale, 300 to 400 Swiss francs is the normal asking price depending on what you are looking for. Massage parlours will have a similar price-tag, providing you go to one that supplies the full-service.

Escort services are the most expensive part of the industry, but you are dealing with the girls who know their profession. Price-wise you will be expecting to pay around 800 francs for one hour in the company of one of these ladies. Some will charge a little less and others a little more but the average charge are what were previously mentioned. These ladies will give the client exactly what he is hoping for, so naturally the price increases on this understanding.

How to become an escort in Zurich

Maybe you are planning to become an escort, if so this requires training because these girls have to be able to supply the customer what he is looking for. Once you have become established it can be a very lucrative business to be in, friendships can be built up with certain clients which can make this profession rewarding. Experience will come as time goes on and then the benefits start to fall into place, but professionalism is essential in this line of work. If you are seriously thinking about joining the escort industry and would like to find out more .