Bratislava and Slovak escorts an in depth reference

One of the Slovak cities and Bratislava being the capital is a very nice place to see, like the rest of the country in fact. With a population of a little over 1 million and 1.2 million if you include the metropolitan area makes this city the largest in Slovakia. Tourism is very popular for this city; more people visit this city than any other regarding the Scandinavian areas.

Good economics and business aptitude make Bratislava a thriving place for such a relatively small country, the quality of life here is pretty sound. Also this capital is among the cleanest on the European continent, many travellers have voted this to be the number one.

The Bratislava escorts are exceptional and talking about cleanliness and hygiene these ladies take pride in themselves, their culture and way of life is second to none.

The legal status in Bratislava and Slovakia

escorting in Slovakia along with Bratislava is actually legal, but having said that pimping and running a brothel is not lawful. Since March 1999 these practices have been perfectly acceptable, beforehand when these activities were not within the law toleration was widely in force. Prior to this period a person or lady would be deemed a prostitute if the main source of income were these particular practices, otherwise the person would not be regarded as a prostitute. This would apply even if the person in question was working to make money out of this part of the industry.

In Slovakia there are discussions being held to outlaw the buying of sexual services, putting them in line with Iceland, Norway and Sweden who are also requesting the possibility of this happening. The age of consent in this country is 15, but for the purpose of escorting 18 years of age is the law in this country.  The escorts in Bratislava know all the required regulations, they run a professional service and will continue to do so.

Public opinion in Slovakia and the capital

Like the rest of the Scandinavian countries escorting here is not at all popular, politicians have added weight to this debate to make this industry less desirable. In Sweden for instance they have banned the buying of sexual services for the last ten years, there is quite a considerable support from the general public to uphold these laws.

In Slovakia things are not so clear-cut; many accept escorting although there is many who would also like to limit it. Women in general would like these activities limited whereas men take the opposite view to a lesser degree, but the overall figure is in favour of a tighter control on these activities. Lawyers and policeman were more sceptical about the reversal of the current law, social workers however were much more positive in their outlook.

Some surveys later on regarding the Slovak newspapers were leaning towards acceptance of escorting; furthermore half the people thought occupation-wise escorting should be recognised. This industry always throws up interesting debates or discussions, something which is no doubt set to continue.  An escort in Bratislava will want this industry to be accepted; they earn a good living and want to carry on doing so.
escorting population in Bratislava and Slovakia

In Slovakia the escorting population is around 5 to 6 thousand, 2 to 3 thousand are estimated to be foreign. Some of these are believed to be trafficked into this country, the figure however is not exactly clear.
The population for girls in the capital will be between 1500 to maybe as high as 2000, with the coming and going of foreign ladies this makes the exact figures hard to pinpoint. African and Eastern European women are the main visitors to these shores but they do tend to move around from country to country.

Types of escorting in Bratislava and Slovakia

First of all there is the red light district situated at the west of the main station, this is where potential customers will be solicited by the girls for sex. Payment is the normal procedure although sometimes goods may be exchanged; this is the cheaper end of the industry. The prostitute may have a residence for the client to go back to, if not the customers vehicle may be the alternative answer. The problem is a fair proportion of these ladies have a drug related habit, special care and precautions should be taken in the event of entertaining one of these girls.

Brothels are a safer option along with massage parlours; at least here you have a settled establishment to visit, unlike the girls in the red light district. Taxi-drivers can be a good source of information as they know these places; customers quite often use cabs to frequently go to and from brothels. They will even be able to suggest a popular establishment to visit; their knowledge is first-class in this area of the escorting industry. Massage parlours and brothels are a safer route to take; they want your business and do their best to satisfy clients. As regards massage parlours it’s best to find out if they offer the full-service, some may not so in this case get the information required in advance. This is where taxi-drivers may benefit you again; stories circulate among fellow cab drivers, failing that the local newspapers may point you in the right direction.

Lastly the escort services, this is the top end of the industry and the most expensive but at the same time the most rewarding. There are the agency or independent girls to choose from, depending on one’s own particular choice. Visiting their websites online will secure the information that’s required, everything will be explained to you and then the final decision will be yours to take. These girls are trained at what they do and will be able to offer the finest possible service.

Prices for the services on offer

Starting at the top with the escort services, you would be looking at spending 250 to 270 Euros for one hour in the company of one of these ladies. An additional hour would be of a similar price to the first, but the service is of the highest quality. If money is not an issue then this is the part of the industry where fulfilment and sexual desire is most found.

Brothels will be a cheaper than the escort services, around about 100 Euros plus depending on what your requirements are. This is where taxi-drivers can be of use to you as previously stated, a good establishment will give value for money.

Massage parlours will operate among similar lines; again this depends on the service required. The prices will be around what the brothels will charge, maybe a little higher depending on the establishment concerned.
Finally the girls who work the streets or the red light areas, anything from 50 Euros upwards will secure sexual business for you. As previously mentioned this is the last resort part of the industry to entertain or become involved in, however the choice is yours but be careful all the same.

How to become an escort in Bratislava

If you are looking at the possibility of becoming an escort then the rewards could be very favourable, however this profession requires training and later on experience. Being able to supply a customers needs is paramount, the established girls know how to give the ultimate service for a particular client. This part of the industry thrives on reputation, yes the price is more expensive but the service is of the highest quality. Quite often customers rebook for further visits; friendships can be made making the job much more interesting than just the money being earned.
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