My weekend in Zurich

There is no better way of enjoying in a city than spending some quality time with the female escorts there. And if the city of your visit is Zurich, then you can be rest assured of an experience beyond imagination and expectation. I knew that picking up an escort in Zurich was not going to be difficult. So I just walked into the King’s Club near the Paradeplatz and got comfortable with my drink while I could see European as well as American women walking around giving lap dances to people and expecting g to get picked up for the night.

I stayed there only 20 minutes and was accompanied by nice girl for the night, Amanda. On the way to my hotel, she told me that she was also good at giving massages for which I would have to pay an extra 130 Euros for 2 hours. Initially I thought 2 hours was too long for a massage but when she began working on my body, stroking me gently at intervals, it was truly divine. Her hands were so delicate yet her grip so firm that I was already making plans in my head about the activities that were to follow. My escort girl later proved to me that she was not only good at the massage but also in bed. She was quick in switching positions which heightened the pleasure by multiples folds.

I have never met any woman who has such a beautiful and flexible body. Amanda was certainly very good at her job and made sure that I enjoyed every single second that I spent with her. The 45 minute rendezvous with escort girl in Zurich cost me 160 Euros. I realized I could have negotiated with her but I did not considering the fact that the services she offered was so impressive that no money was too much. I recommend her to all the people who appreciate good things in life

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